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To study the relationship between coexistence and the socio-spatial characteristics of the neighborhood, tools have been developed easily applicable for the understanding of urban problems, which can be used in diagnostic, evaluation and that can also be used as a guide for the writing of proposals.

To this end, a combination of quantitative and qualitative techniques for collecting and analyzing information has been developed, incorporating the gender perspective with an intersectional approach.

A first methodological contribution is the collection of primary data from the application of qualitative methodologies, such as participant observation and spontaneous and in-depth interviews. This information generated has been added from the exploitation, with quantitative techniques, of the statistical data. The other methodological contribution is the development of a series of graphic tools that incorporate the spatial dimension and facilitate the analysis of information. These tools have also been designed as a material for the training of technical people and participatory work with entities.

The main characteristic of the work is that it provides a graphic language (maps, photos, diagrams) that facilitates reading the relationship between the physical configuration of the spaces and the social use of the same, allowing to relate the different dimensions of the information that is collected :

• Physical Dimension: District Settings - Public space, streets, facilities and shops
• Functional Dimension: Connectivity Elements, Connections, Routes and Relationships
• Social Dimension: Profile of the people that travel and / or inhabit, activity and use they carry out


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Project subsidized by the Directorate General for Immigration and the Directorate General of Research of the Department of Economy and Knowledge


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