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Master's Degree in Landscape

The University Master in Landscaping (curriculum information) enables the professional practice of architecture and its main objective is to provide complementary and advanced knowledge to the teachings received in the degree in Architecture Studies, deepening in the project, technology and urbanism, and providing a solid and multidisciplinary training in this discipline.

The laboratory collaborates in the Master studies: 


VIMAC's member



Guía docente 



- The purpose of the course is to provide the necessary tools and methods to study the area where a proposal for action will have to be made, taking into account its conditions and the project or program that needs to be implemented.

- Activate graphic and technical skills for the cartographic exploration of landscape relationships on physical, social and perceptual dimensions and to communicate these processes through geospatial data.

- Provide a basic knowledge of the tools and techniques necessary to produce, work and interpret geospatial data;