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Doctoral degree in Urban and Architectural Management and Valuation

The Doctoral degree in Urban and Architectural Management and Valuation (more information in doctoral programmes) ......

 The laboratory collaborates in a docotral programme:


VIMAC's member

M. PILAR GARCIA ALMIRALL (Director and thesis tutor)




Formation activities

The program will organize, every six months, a seminar on research methodology that must be followed up by doctoral students. In addition, specific research seminars may be organized.

  • Qualitative approaches to scientific methodology.
  • Philosophy of science.
  • Scientific methodology; deductive, inductive, etc.
  • Significance and importance of scientific publication.
  • Requirements for the preparation of a scientific article.
  • Basic aspects in the preparation of a thesis.
  • Sources of information: statistics, bibliography, etc.

    Specific research seminars and dissemination seminars are also organized with visiting professors, national and foreign, open to the university community. These seminars are related to the research projects carried out in the Center for Land Policy and Valuations; and with the research lines of the PD- Students are encouraged to actively participate, through the presentation of communications and articles derived from their particular research, in the City and Virtual Territory Congress and the ACE Magazine, respectively, both activities promoted by a group that organize the PD; as well as in other external media.