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The UPC's Policy Center for Soil and Valuations (CPSV) develops, a line of research on Immigration, Housing and City, directed by Dr. Architect Pilar Garcia Almirall. Within the framework of the consolidated research group Quality of Urban Life and Sustainability (SGR2009-1233) leads competitive research projects, on local development and cooperation processes, studies of the social impact of technologies, social problems and housing, with a important background in methodological innovation, experience in the diagnosis and social and urban approach.

The projects developed since 2005 have made it possible to build a broad knowledge base aimed at building tools that allow the urban and social reality to be addressed in practice and its impact on the neighborhood's coexistence. The philosophy of the team is to convey this academic experience to the field of management and citizenship in general, as a way to influence the understanding of the transformations that are occurring in our cities, towns and neighborhoods.

The experience experienced in the study districts provides the results presented here, belong to 7 areas located in the municipality, Metropolitan Region and the province of Barcelona, all with a concentration of immigrant population higher than the average RMB. The areas of study respond to different urban characteristics (fabric, building type, equipment and commerce, public spaces and connectivity) and demographics (origin, age, sex and socioeconomic status).

The methodology used to study the relationship between spatial configuration and social use is a combination of quantitative and qualitative techniques, also incorporating a gender and intersection perspective.


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Project subsidized by the Directorate General for Immigration and the Directorate General of Research of the Department of Economy and Knowledge


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