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Heritage Architecture Documentation

Large Scale Project: Palau Reial Major

Museu d'Història de Barcelona (MUHBA) | Barcelona | July 2018

This project is a combination of different buildings surrounding the Plaça del Rei in Barcelona, all of them with historical importance and property of the MUHBA.


Every phase of the project belongs to a zone or building: 2012 Saló del Tinell (TLS_Point cloud Faro 120), 2016 Santa Agatha (TLS_Point cloud Faro3D X 330), 2017 Roman vaults (TLS_Point cloud Faro3D X 330 + HDR) and 2018 Plaça del rei_Exteriors (TLS_Point cloud Faro3D X 330 + HDR mixed with photogrammetry). More information about these projects in the links:


Màster MBArch