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Socio-residential and heritage assessment. Urban policies and management

Providing geolocalization technology of maps creation like an essential language and tool to visualize the organization information or project. Setting up the capacity of integration, sharing, understanding their codes, their spatial and distribution patterns. 

The indexing GEO information allow the establishment of parameters, guidelines and differentiation spatial models in different scales, such as in territorial, urban and architectural. From the different types of systematized information, there is the possibility to apply methodologies of spatial analysis by Geographical Information Systems.

Holding a wide experience in developing projects applied in companies, local administrations, social entities fields, directed to identify and measure the area components. These are: the use of activities concentration, characterization of the built stock, socio-demographic, socio-economical and residential elaboration maps, with the application of multicriterial methodologies in different magnitudes.




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Emergins technoligies on urban modelling

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