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Three-dimensional analysis tools

3D GIS to analyze the transformation of urban morphology

Barcelona (Sant Andreu) | 2014

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The difficulty of tracking the degree of compliance with urban planning with reality built and changing in the city, calls for the use of Geographic Information Systems (GIS) tools in local management to develop and maintain accurate knowledge of the physical, urban and economic characteristics of the real estate park, as well as of the planning determinations that affect the values of its urban and urban potential. In this work it is proposed to implement a new innovative process for the study and management of the city with SIG, which establishes the guidelines to obtain the urban development potential of an area, a neighborhood or a city, based on the comparison of the existing reality with urban planning, automatically detecting both plots that do not exhaust its potential and those that are over-built. That is why a pilot study has been carried out in the old town of the Sant Andreu district of Barcelona, which is in a process of modification of the current general planning, facing the challenge of developing new tools that allow to emulate the consequences of the modifications and undertake efficient management of local urban information.