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High precision architectural surveys

Using TLS technology we can obtain high precision 3D models of heritage buildings, archaeological elements and urban spaces. That provides the opportunity to create high quality metrical information to develop analysis models and vector planes, for conservation, rehabilitation, restoration, reparation or verification projects of a building, element or urban space conditions in a certain moment. We are also able to produce models and videos for the architectural, archaeological and urban elements exposure.




Survey of Casa Enric Llorens prior to its restoration

Vestibulo Casa Llorens


TLS Survey: Castelldefels' Castle

Castelldefels_0001_0000.jpg     Castelldefels_0001_0003.jpg     Castelldefels_0001_0013.jpg     


TLS Survey + Photogrammetry in the large Scale Project: Palau Reial Major (Saló del Tinell, Santa Agata, Voltes romanes, places)     

banner PRM.jpg


TLS survey of Sagrada Familia

TLS Survey + Photogrammetry Casa Parès Foundry     (hyperrealism and precision in extrem conditions)

Services: Comprehensive projects in

Surveys: Dissemination, Analysis, Documentation and Simulation

Constructive processes, historical evolution advices 

Restoration and rehabilitation advice processes

Partial plans advices

High resolution models TLS

Photogrammetric models




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