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Scan to BIM House in Horta

Architectural survey of an old house in Horta. From Point Cloud to BIM to Vector drawings

Private | Barcelona | February 2019

Architectural survey project with the purpose to have the drawings of a catalogued house. This project took on from scanning process to making a BIM 3D model to the final vectorial drawings.

In this project we used a new methodology, instead of making raster drawings from the point cloud to trace them in a CAD software; we created a basic volumtric BIM 3D model to create and export vertorial drawings to be used as guide lines for a more detailed one in CAD, using the help of the raster ones.

With this new methodology the drawings are regularized and some parts where there are not enough points in the raster, the BIM completes it. Moreover, as all the views are exported from the same 3D model, every line is drawn appropriately in its place, without the raster's pixels distortion.


01_Point Cloud


02_BIM model




03_Vector plans




04_Raster plans