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Research project



During the period 2005-2008, the CPSV developed the research project "Immigration and housing: The process of integration of homes and their access to housing. An approach to the 7 Spanish metropolitan areas" financed by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. 'Education and Science.

In this project, an analysis was carried out on the residential location of the non-community population in the 7 main metropolitan areas of Spain: the metropolitan areas of Madrid, Zaragoza, Valencia, Seville, Bilbao and Malaga and the Metropolitan Region of Barcelona.

Once the areas of study were defined, a study of the concentration of immigrants was carried out and an analysis of their recent evolution. At the same time, through a factorial analysis combined with the cluster analysis, the metropolitan areas are segmented into different categories (residential and socioeconomic) in order to frame the areas of concentration of non-community members within the socio-residential structure of every urban area.

Between the years 2009-2011 the project "Immigration, housing and city: Housing, urban and housing conditions, urban and social conditions and criteria of action for Barcelona and Madrid" was developed.


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