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Interactive projects, 3D visualization and VFX

Multi-scalar: Wide experience in a Territorial, Urban and Architectural scale.

Overlay information: Capacity in managing different 3D GIS databases, archaeological information, procedural and architectural models, optimization of apps models, among others. That allows us to relate information, city changes, until the point of generating city proposals, as the one developed in 3D Barcino app, final III century.

Interactive models: Dissemination material from interactive apps, for both Apple and Android devices, WEB pages apps, as well as PC, Mac and Linux computers.

Virtual reality: PC simulators with the highest divertive technology.

Augmented reality: Our programming and 3D experience, is what supports us in Apps developing for third parties through these years.


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Last Proyects

Casa Parès Foundry - Barcelona

Museu d'Història de Barcelona (MUHBA) | Barcelona | November 2017

It is an app to walk through the 3D model of the foundry. 

This 3D model was made with a new methodology that consists in combining point clouds from Terrestrial Laser Scanner (TLS) and photogrammetry. 



Image of the 3d model from the inside