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3D projects, BIM and 3D printing

Procedural: Modeling from programming rules, allowing the effective creation of buildings and 3D cities based on 2D/3D GIS current information. Since that, compare and analyze the construction proposals from any angle. See how they are adapted in their general city vision through the future. Make as much different scenes as you need and add modifications.

Urban models: 3D Urban models to see their real perspective information, in order to make the correct decisions, make specific 3D analysis and to transmit their ideas in an effective and efficient way, from 3D GIS data system, integration in platforms about Internet Maps Visualization or rendering for diffusion.

Scan to Building Information Modeling (BIM): These techniques allow the creation and validation of a model from cloud points, which gives us the opportunity to recognize and place architectural elements in an automatized way, as in MEP elements like piping, channels, interference detection / geometry vs. cloud point's deviation.

Optimized models: TLS technology generates high resolution models, these have to reduce their weight, without losing information, so that the final user has a model which can be manipulated, as much in its geometry - precision, as in their texture's color, which has to be editable and allow overlaying new information layers.

3D printing: Advanced knowledge in 3D complex models and its optimization for printing, with different techniques like Selective Laser Sintering (SLS), Fused Deposition Modeling (FDM), Stereolithography (SLA).

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