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Profesional Master in Sistemes d'Informació Geogràfica

The profesional master en Sistemas de información Geográfica(open in new window), qualifies for professional practice as a consultant for GIS projects, GIS technician, analyst, application developer, project coordinator, responsible for GIS projects, etc. That is to say, the student will be able to work with the GIS tools, interpret the information, analyze it and know how to answer the questions and challenges that territorial information implies.

The laboratory coordinates and performs the Master:


VIMAC's member

M. PILAR GARCIA ALMIRALL (master's director)




Former students' Thesis



  • Acquire practical skills in the use of current technological tools.
  • Capacity for spatial analysis of the territory.
  • Acquire knowledge for the design, customization and implementation of a GIS.
  • Be able to interpret spatial information to make decisions.
  • Provide solutions to problems of any kind: planning, territorial management, environment